Iā€™m an Electrical Engineering student at RPI, focusing on RF Engineering. I spend most of my time on the air using FT8 and other digital modes. I try to participate in some contests as my classes allow, sometimes as W2SZ. I have operated at the W2SZ Mt. Greylock station for June and September ARRL VHF contests.

Radio Club Memberships

  • W2SZ: RPI ARC, President, Class of ā€˜20
  • WY4RC: Young Amateurs Radio Club, Treasurer, #5
  • OMISS: Old Man International Sideband Society, #11573
  • FT8DMC: FT8 Digital Mode Club, #06791

Contact me

My GPG Key.

General inquiries: contact@galengold.me

Radio-related inquiries: kb6ee@galengold.me