ARRL June VHF Contest 2018 at W2SZ

Over the weekend, I helped operate the W2SZ contest site for the ARRL June VHF Contest from the highest point in Massachusetts. The members of the Mount Greylock Expeditionary Force are mostly alumni of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s amateur radio club, W2SZ. I was in the area so I joined them for the contest.

We operate on all bands of the contest, using mostly home-brew equipment. Everything must be brought up the mountain in trailers and vans and set up in the days before the contest.

In this panorama of the Mt. Greylock summit, I’ve labeled the different antennas. All of them are ours except the NOAA and broadcast and cell towers.

Panorama of Greylock

In this picture, front and center is the NOAA tower, with our towers in the background.

Overview of Antennas

Another view of our towers. The quad-yagi array on the left-center is for 2 meters, on the right is the array for 440 MHz. The dishes are for microwave bands. Peeking out at the base of the 440 tower is one of our operating trucks.

UHF and Up Antennas

A closer look at the 440 array. The vertical is for 446 MHz FM. The pair of yagis on top of the dish is for 222 MHz.

Dishes and 432

A closer look at the 2 meter array. It’s on an az-el rotator to use for moonbounce at night.

222 Beams

We made a friend in one of the operating stations. The moth showed up Saturday night and stayed until the morning.

A Friend